We are very pleased to announce that the Oxygen Education/Haas eLearning is transitioning to a new system. Oxygen Education/Haas eLearning coursework will now be located at www.learnoxygen.com.

Advanced Manufacturing Education for the 21st Century

Oxygen Education is proud to present Advanced Manufacturing Education
for the 21st Century.

AME21™is a complete curriculum that delivers over 500 highly interactive, competency-based educational modules ensuring your students will have the skills mastery required to be successful in an Advanced Manufacturing environment.

AME21® is designed to ensure that your students are competent in:

  • Safety practices
  • Fundamental skills
  • Technical skills
  • Quality systems
  • Social skills and leadership
  • Lean Manufacturing

Our technical training methodologies have been presented to over 400 advanced manufacturing organizations in the U.S. and Europe.

The AME21™solution results in the following gains for academic partners :

  • Average increase in knowledge of 200%
  • Average decrease in course delivery time of 80%